Bullitt Season Start

Wow! this was fast. Season Start for 2011, on the 18th of January! It never kicked in that early in the year. But hey, welcome to the fastest Cargobike in 2011!

So place your orders now, the delivery subsystem is very quick now, order till Thursday and ride on Tuesday. For the Season start we will bring up our 100 Euro rebate spacial offer till the end of March, like last year.

Don’t be shy and ask for a test ride at our shop in Berlin – http://bullitt-berlin.de/ – The best Cargobikes for Berlin are available here!

trac registration / trac docu

since we he had plenty requests regarding our trac documentation wiki here some points to clarify the situation

  • most important, sure you are welcome to help with some work on our documentation project – registration is enabled at our trac (wiki) feel free to add an account for yourself
  • yes, this project is running since 2008, and no its definitely not dead!
  • yes, we have multi language problem – like the rest of the internet
  • no, there is no more detailed documentation from crystalyte in china, we have to do thing our self
  • no, there is no equivalent motor system from manufactures in Europe – maybe you are able to convert the Fan motor from a Mercedes Benz (same power) .) – the documentation would be the same – nothing
  • and last but not least, yes it is very frustrating to do this idealistic work in a commercial overdriven world like west europe – well, it just fells like using Linux in the nineties.

    Motoren aus der Forschungswerkstatt

    Die Raumfahrtagentur platzt aus allen Nähten, also gibt es ein wenig gereifte Ware direkt aus unserer kleinen Forschungswerkstatt. Crystalyte Motoren zu Sonderkonditionen damit der Winter nicht langweilig wird.
    Also für Bastler und Schrauber in Berlin direkt an der Tür abzuholen sind:

    (soweit nicht anders angegeben handelt es sich um die blanke Nabe)

  • Crystalyte 4011 – Rear – incl. Montage für Scheibenbremse (6 Loch)
  • Crystalyte 406 – Front (aus einem Schulprojekt)
  • Crystalyte 406 – Rear (aus einem Schulprojekt)
  • Crystalyte 408 – Rear – fertig in 20″ Felge
  • Crystalyte 4011 – Front – fertig in 20″ Felge
  • Das Stück geht für 170 Euro (Brutto, gebraucht) raus, Versand ist nach Absprache möglich.